TV Promos Voice Over Artist

When I first started working on voice over, there were many great pieces of advice that I chose to follow. One of them was that if a client was looking for an American accent, that they would hire an American voiceover to do the job.

This certainly made sense to me, because, let’s face it, America is rather big, and therefore, has an incredible array of different accents. Of course it does – just like any other country in the world. I live on a small island less than 400 miles across, and yet the array of accents here alone is dazzling.

But to return to my original point, the rules have certainly changed. At one point, the highest paid actor on American television was Hugh Laurie in his role as Gregory House in House. Indeed, there are a whole bunch of us Brits doing rather well convincing the world that we’re Americans. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Dominic West as Jimmy McNulty in The Wire, and of course Christian Bale as – well pretty much whoever he’s asked to be.

And this is all great news for someone like me, and has lead me to pursue voicing promos for US TV networks.

For those living outside of the US, a promo is a lot like a trailer – not to be confused with a continuity announcement – these promos about up and coming shows and sometimes the specifics of each episode. They can tell you about a show coming up next month, next week or even right after the credits of the show you’re currently watching!

TV stations like to keep to using voices which reflect their brand. For instance, a channel that specialises in showing hard hitting documentaries is unlikely to want to use a voice most normally associated with children’s cartoons!

So whilst a range is important, finding a niche market is usually the best way to go. And so I present to you my latest demo, in the hopes that, at some point, I’ll hear someone speaking about me and saying, ” I had no idea he was British!”