TV Voice Over Artist

So, you’re about to take your first venture into TV. You’ve gone to great lengths creating your commercial, and so it’s important that the TV Voice Over Artist you use best represents your brand. Many
mainstream advertisers will have relationships with established voice overs or may indeed prefer to use a celebrity voice, but then not everybody is in the mainstream.

So how do you decide who is right for you? Well the first question you want to consider asking them is whether or not they’ve worked in television before. It might seem like an obvious question, but you’re not just asking them if they have experience – you need to find someone who understands their role in the production process.

What Makes the Ideal TV Voice Over?

You see, when it comes to television, the voice over actually needs to be more of a voice under. They need to position their voice to sit underneath the visuals. Television and radio have a lot of similarities, but when it comes to voice over, they’re worlds apart. In television, the pictures tell the story. People don’t need to be told what they’re seeing – they need the voice to gently tie everything together so that the viewer simply ‘gets it’.

Back in the sixties and seventies, advertisers went for a real ‘announcer’ style in their ads. If people weren’t shouting at you with offers then they were patronising you into thinking that you’d have to have been a moron not to want to buy their products!

Move into the eighties, and in the UK, pretty much every commercial sounded the same – a very well spoken person who you could imagine reading your script whilst wearing a tweed jacket and smoking a pipe.

What Works on TV Today?

Fast forward to today, and what people expect now is something a lot more ‘natural’. Regional accents dominate the airwaves and indeed, many scripts actually write notes at the top to tell the voice over to not sound “too announcery”.

We’ve hundreds of channels to choose from, and we are being advertised to wherever we turn. At their core, people still have a bit of a mistrust of advertising, and so it’s the responsibility of the voice over to be a friend, a trusted adviser, but never a sales person. We want people to arrive at the conclusion that the product being advertised is something from which they could truly benefit. Nobody’s going to make the viewer feel bad about not wanting the product, but maybe – just maybe – buying it could make them feel a little bit better.

A Free Voice Over Audition with no Obligation

So email me your scripts and I will be happy to audition for you with no charge or obligation. If you would prefer to discuss your project with me first, please call me on 020 8432 9834. Alternatively, if you have ay questions regarding my TV Voice Over service, feel free to complete the brief form on the right of the page and I’ll do my best to help.

Some Examples of my TV Voice Over Work

For the advert bumpers at the top of this page, ITV Bingo were looking for a voice inspired by the likes of Terry Thomas and Lesley Philips. Whilst impressions aren’t really allowed, this new character worked perfectly.