Video Game Voice Over Artist

When I was 15 (long before I considered a career as a Voice-Over Artist for video games), I bought a copy of “Ghostbusters” – not the movie, but the game for my humble ZX Spectrum. The game play was fairly simplistic and the graphics were everything you would expect from a computer whose entire memory now accounts for less than 0.00000005% of the size you are currently reading this on.

But there was something about this game that made it special – almost unique….it TALKED! In a gaming world populated by beeps and zaps and…well, how do you spell out the noise Pac Man made when he died?….this thing actually talked.

Well, I say talked – it actually just shouted Ghostbusters and your optimistic brain filled in a lot of the blanks because it really was a bit rubbish.

Fast forward to now, and the biggest games have all of the production values (and in some cases budgets) as any Hollywood blockbuster, and they all need one thing – good voice actors.

A Great Voice-Over Artist Can Bring Game Characters to life

Voice acting for video games provides a very unique working situation. The voiceover will often be asked to say the same sentence in numerous different ways, in order to account for the numerous situations in which the player might hear those words. If they always sound the same, the gamer will quickly lose interest, feeling that the game is limited.

Every line of dialogue, every grunt and groan has to be vocalised and saved as individual files. It’s a process that can take hours, and it’s important that the voiceover be able to give as much energy and enthusiasm to line 100, as they did to line 1.

Naturally, the ability to voice multiple characters and give them each their own unique personality is important. Your voiceover needs to be able to truly ‘become’ their character, so that everything they say feels natural and in no way contrived.

Game characters have evolved, and many mainstream characters like Sonic and Mario now have their own TV series. This means that gamers are relating to characters on a whole new level – they’re not just pixels on a screen any more – they’re living breathing characters about which we truly care, so it’s important for the voiceover to tie it all together and make it feel real.

Voices for videos games, Apps, & much more…

Of course, it’s not just the major games developers who need the services of a character voice over. The advent of app development has seen the industry return some power to the ‘bedroom programmer’. There are countless books to teach you how to programme your own apps and there are even apps to help you do it too!

When it comes to voices, you don’t even need to hire a recording studio. I can record all of your dialogue for you from my own studio, and can save as many individual files as you need.

I’ve voiced kings, wizards, ghosts, dragons, policemen, murderers, cats and so much more, and I would love to see what I can do to help bring your project to life, so please give me a call or drop me a line. I look forward to working with you.