Voice Over Artist’s First Santa Claus Enquiry

treeI love Christmas. Not from the religious or even the commercial perspective, but from the fact that I get to bring joy to people of all ages as the voice of Santa Claus.

When I started offering my services as Jolly Old St Nick a few years ago, I made a point of calling radio and television stations to let them know what I could do. Granted, these days I’m delighted to see that a Google search on “The Voice Of Santa” still puts me close to the top, but I think it’s always a good idea to be a little more proactive than that.

First time I tried it, I started calling people on October, and whilst the smaller stations had not even started thinking about Christmas yet, the larger organisations told me that I was too late, and that they booked their Father Christmas people in September.

Naturally, the following year I started making those same calls in September, and it proved to be a success. However, even then some people told me that they were already sorted for the year. None the less, I soldiered on, but imagine my surprise this year, when I booked my first Santa Claus voiceover job in the middle of July!

Now I had not thought about marketing this side of my business just yet, but it looks like I may have to bring the schedule forward for the big man in the red suit. Therefore, today I’ll be putting my Santa page back on the front of my site and I look forward to helping you with all your Santa Claus voice over needs.