A voice over artist’s out takes are still useful

giphyGreetings blog fans and welcome to the first day of British Summer. I say that with a fair degree of irony as my walk from the station to the studio today left me wetter than a freshly caught eel, which is a wonderful way to pitch up to the first recording session of the day.

None the less, we soldiered on and today’s first job was the recording of a cowboy’s voice to be featured on a new bingo game coming to a social networking site near you. I won’t name the site, but suffice is to say if you went to a library and asked to look at a book featuring a lot of faces….well, you get the idea.

Now I’m no stranger to the process of recording these games. In this past year I have been Santa, an Olympic god and a Mexican bandit, all following the same formula, so it’s really just a question of getting into character (shouting yeee haaa tends to work well) and recording all of the phrases.

Except this time, things got a little different towards the end of the session when the director says, “That’s all great Paul, now can we get some horse noises from you?”

Well, I was being paid by the hour, not by the character, so after an initial reaction of “Really, what now?” here’s what happened next. You’ll hear a slight gap when the director said, “These are great, can we have a few more?”

So this is good, I can now add ‘horse’ to my list of voiced creatures. Next week, who knows where this wacky industry will take me???