Voice Over Goes Crazy

Throughout the course of this year, I’m delighted to have been involved in a number of video games. Regrettably, I’ve had to sign non disclosure agreements on all of them, so whilst I have been able to name some of those games, I’ve not been allowed to go into detail.

What I have loved about the characters that I’ve portrayed is that, in many cases, there is a common thread which seems to run through all of them – they’re all completely mental!

Yup. I’ve enjoyed exploring the dark side of my psychosis – kidnapping, murdering, tribal war – you know, your typical Saturday night where I come from.

Well just today, I was shown a trailer that I voiced for a new game called Room Service, developed by Sleet Games. They’re looking to release around December, and you can find out more about the game by visiting here

For the trailer itself, my voice has been processed into something I find truly disturbing – so much so that I had to ask the developers how they did it. It’s surprisingly easy once you know how, and these guys clearly do know how! You can enjoy the trailer below and I hope to share even more game titles with you all soon: