Voice Over and Now…Radio Producer

NOX_1477Greetings blog fans, and thank you so much for taking time out of your busy, “Olympics on the Telly, might as Well Make a Day and then Night of It, we’re doing alright in the medals thanks very much,” schedule to read this blog.

Today’s radio commercial comes with a story. The client uses me often and likes to produce spoof radio ads, all of which I have posted on this site. However, in this instance, there was no spoof, no licensed background music, nothing except a script.

I read it out several times to myself, randomly poking around with the voices which I thought might work and as I did so, quickly settled on an idea which I felt worked well. The client loved it and quickly set to finding the right music. This particular customer was fantastic when it came to supplying music, and so within a day she had sent over what she felt would work.

It was good, but not great, and to make matters worse, there was no clear 20 seconds’ worth of it to make the thing work. And so I set to painstakingly picking out those pieces of the music which could be stitched together to form a new piece. It came together better than I had hoped but the icing on the cake was that once we sped the music up in order to keep to time, it was now spot on.

Then to the voice over. We were going for a Pathe News Reel and indeed, a take was submitted, but the client then asked if the pitch could be a little lower, which was no problem. A small joke had to be removed in order to keep time. The client liked that joke…she wrote that joke…and she was justly proud of it.

The joke was recorded and the client was thrilled with the end result. Except that there was more, because now I was having fun with this, and so decided to add a little sound effect at the end, just to add a little authenticity to it. She was thrilled with the little bonus recording and the end result will be aired on EXE Radio in Exeter – 107.3FM, starting next week. But just in case you live a little outside their catchment area, for MECA Car Services, here it is:

It only really occurred to me today that this was not the first time that I had produced an entire radio commercial, and it really gives me nothing but more admiration for the incredible job of the producers with whom I work.