Voice of God Announcer for your Corporate Event

First of all, if you searched for ‘Voice of God’ in the hopes of finding stories of a religious significance, I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place. I’ve personally never heard the Voice of God. I have heard the voice of Morgan Freeman, and then there was that time that Alanis Morissette played God in Dogma, but in real terms…nope.

However, if your corporate event is in need of an announcer, then please read on.

What is the ‘voice of god’?

From a voice-over perspective the Voice of God (hereafter referred to as VOG) is the disembodied announcer that you hear at the start of shows like X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent. OK, to be fair, those are the same man – Peter Dickson – and his VOG has become synonymous with Saturday night television.

But VOGs are needed for lots of other occasions. Corporate conferences will want to announce their keynote speaker, awards ceremonies will want to tell you who has been nominated, and celebrity guests need to be announced wherever they might be appearing.

Right Place, Right Voice-Over Style

The voice over that you use doesn’t need to have a big, booming voice. Granted, many people will contact me to ask if I can make an announcement in the style of Peter Dickson and I will always ask them the same question, “Have they called Peter Dickson?”

It doesn’t make sense for every voice over to sound the same. The CEO of a major software company doesn’t want to be announced on stage with the same passion and excitement of someone introducing Lady Gaga – that would just be plain silly!

Auditioning A Voice of God Voice Over Artist

So how do you establish which VOG is right for you? It’s simple really – ask them to audition for you. You’re really only looking at a few lines of dialogue at best, and any professional voice over will be more than happy to take a few minutes out of their day to read your script for you.

In the interests of fairness, they may well change the name for the audition, as sadly there are still people out there who will use the audition without permission or payment, so it’s important that the voice over artist has the means to protect their business.

Naturally, I am more than happy to read your script for you. Please tell me a little about the event and the people that I’ll be announcing, and we’ll work on something together to get you the perfect Voice of God for your event.