Voice Over Advent Doesn’t Stop for Weekends – It’s Day 12

advent-calendar (1) Now granted, this one has ben posted a little later in the morning than usual and, truth be told, the jet lag really has taken it’s toll on me and I have finally had the chance to catch up on some sleep.

I’d like to catch up on a whole lot more, but my son needs some new shoes and there are some things you just can’t leave to Amazon Prime.

So here we are at Day 12, and it’s another archive from the vaults of The Voice Monkey. So save the file in the usual way, call your voice mail and when it’s time to record a new greeting, simply hold your phone near to your speaker and press play.

As with all of these files, if you would like a greeting recorded with your own name on it, then please get in touch and I’ll happily do that for you*

*Terms and Conditions Apply. Well, only one term really, it costs £5.

Day 12