Voice Over Project For Train Station Animated Video

Bike & Go is a new bike hire scheme being launched in train stations in the North of the UK. Kilogramme created a fun animation and asked me to provide a voice which was both friendly and informative.

I’m used to providing character voices for Kilogramme – in my time I have been both a pigeon and a couple of dustbins for them, so it was great when they presented me with an opportunity to use my own voice.

The clients themselves were new to the process of recording a voice over, so they were invited to listen in on the session by way of a conference call with the animators, and me in the studio via phone patch. This is an important service for a voice artist, as it gives the client the opportunity to direct, and therefore feel like more of a part of the creative process.

Once the session was completed, I cleaned up the audio and separated out the various paragraphs so that they could be tied in with the visuals. Some animators are happy to do this themselves, but if you need me to sync my voiceover with specific timings, then that’s no trouble at all.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget that you’ll find loads of demos throughout this site, covering the many aspects of voice over that I offer, so please do stay a while and look around.

Bike and Go from Kilogramme on Vimeo.