Voice Overs for Animation – New Demo Now Available

MinionsHello everyone in Blogland – is that a real place? Even if it isn’t, they’d probably still do better than we did in the World Cup!

This week I am delighted to present my brand new animation demo. Previously I had thought that the best way to break into the world of animation was to run off as many characters as possible in an attempt to show that my voice was versatile and that I had range.

Turns out I was wrong.

You see I always thought that the development of a character starts with the voice – the accent, inflections and all those little nuances that make it memorable. The problem is that if you start from that point, you’ll take away from the actual story. It’s important, first of all, to think about why the character is saying what they’re saying – what is it that they want? You also need to think about who they are talking to, and to make those characters ‘real’, both to the character and to the audience.

There’s an awful lot more to it, and I’m delighted to say that I worked with a fantastic coach to put all of this together. His name is Richard Horvitz and if you’re a voice over looking to get into animation, I heartily recommend getting in touch with him. He helped me to approach the reading of scripts in a completely new way, and my hope is that this demo will act as a new calling card into the exciting world of animation.

Credit also needs to go to Pat Torres of Orphan Films who produced the demo. The 90 seconds’ worth that you’re about to hear was the culmination of two hours in the booth and many months of tuition. Enjoy.