Voice Over for Web Commercial

Ppg_logoGreetings blog fans and welcome to another exciting day inside my brain, where all the biscuits are free and nobody criticises your choice of footwear.

It’s been a wonderfully busy week, with my playing a multitude of background characters on a TV series, to dying repeatedly in increasingly louder and louder ways in a video game, to impersonating a TV legend that I will never be allowed to name ever ever ever, so please don’t ask me, because I REALLY want to tell you, but I can’t.

One job I can share with you is a new commercial for PPG which will be shown on YouTube. The commercial has been localised from its original US English into UK English, Portuguese, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese and Polish, so I’m thrilled to have been chosen as the UK voice.

So, just in case it’s started popping up on your YouTube and I’ve been shut down after 5 seconds, here’s the advert in full:

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