Voiceover for new online commercial

maxresdefaultA short and sweet blogpost this week, designed to do nothing more than showcase some more of my voiceover work and let the lovely people at Google (other search engines are available) know that I am still very much active, and happy to take on even more voice over projects.

This fun commercial currently exists on line and is an amusing look at a new app which helps you find a local barber in minutes. Sadly, as a card carrying member of the slaphead brigade for over twenty years now, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be in need of their services myself, but the ad is funny and I had a lot of fun recording it.

What makes this one interesting is that the two directors of the commercial were able to direct me live in my studio, despite our never having met in person. The whole session was directed over Skype. I set up two tracks – one which is my voice recording, and the other is the output from Skype itself. Once the session is completed, I can listen back, chop out the bits they didn’t want, edit together the takes that they told me they liked, remove their track from the recording and, voila – a clean, fully edited recording, ready for broadcast.

Of course, my studio can be directed live via a number of different methods, including ISDN, ipDTL or even the good old fashioned telephone, so if you need to direct your voice over session and don’t want to spend your money and time on hiring studios, then I can certainly help.

In the meantime, here’s the commercial….enjoy: