Welcome to Voice Over Advent Day 14

AdventCalendar03 And a very Happy Monday to you all. This last weekend, many of you will have experienced the joy of thinking that doing your Christmas shopping with almost two full weeks to spare would have made things easier.

But of course, you were wrong.

Spare a happy thought however, for those parents who have managed to make it through all 8 days of Chanukah whilst still having enough money left to buy a loaf of bread. Seriously, the next time you think Christmas is costly, try two kids with one present each for 8 nights straight. Granted, sometimes they’re going to get something from Poundland, but you can really only get away with that a couple of times when they’re very young. Eventually, they see right through it.

And of course, growing up in the UK means that they’ll also be waking up to some gifts from Santa on the 25th, so really, not that much of a hardship is it?

Today, please help yourself to this ringtone. The humour is a little bit Certificate 15 – some may even say 12, but I’ll let you be the judge.

See you tomorrow.

Day 14