Who does the Voice Over for whatever?

Keeping my site up in the Google rankings is something on which I place a lot of importance. Let’s face it, if you’re out there looking for a voice over artist, there are literally thousands of us, and it’s unlikely that you’ve either the patience or the time to audition all of us.

With this in mind, I like to take a look at the questions that are asked of our favourite search engine in an attempt to understand what brought you here. The most popular question so far is “Who does the voice over for (insert brand or character here)?” Whether it’s the voice of a narrator on a TV commercial, or a character from an animated TV series, people are curious about the people behind the microphone.

Now I don’t know what their motivation is. Usually, it’s that nagging thought that they’ve heard that voice before but just can’t place it, and the problem with IMDB is that it doesn’t cover commercials.

Sure, there are websites that come in searches that claim to be able to help you identify the music and voices of any and every advert on telly, but when you visit them, you find out that they last updated their database in 2009.

So how do you find out? Well one skill that a voice over artist like me needs to have besides a trained voice is a trained ear. Certainly, when it comes to creating characters or impressions, we need to listen out to the specific nuances that make a voice unique. It’s only once we’ve identified those traits that we can look at replicating the voice in question.

But I wonder if I am missing a trick here. You see I look at the adverts people are asking about and I find that I know the answer quite a lot of the time. So I’d like to propose something to you. You may well have landed here because you want to identify a particular voice – naturally I hope that the voice in question is actually mine, in which case, congratulations, you’re now my new best friend.

However, if it isn’t me, then please don’t click on the back button and leave us both disappointed. Just ask me the question in the contact form on the right. If I know the answer, I’ll be more than happy to tell you.