The Wrong Genre Revolution Continues

pexels-photo-207983Hello blog fans, and after a week where snow meant that many people told their employers that they couldn’t leave their homes whilst they took care of nagging errands that couldn’t wake until the weekend, I thought I would bring you up to date with what’s been happening at AWG.

AWG isn’t actually a company by the way, but it certainly did sound like a high profile advertising agency, so let’s just run with it.

Ads in the Wrong Genre started about a month ago. In the first instance, the whole thing was meant as a joke. Someone liked the way I said a certain non sexy company’s name in a sexy way, and so I decided to produce an advert.

Then I started making up fake companies to keep the idea going. However, by the time I’d started on advert number 3, I realised that I had an entire network of local businesses in my BNI chapter, so I set to work on making Wrong Genre adverts for them.

It was all a lottery – I would choose a genre at random and then select a company that was as far removed from that genre as possible. Nobody knew if their advert was coming up next, soon, or ever. And then things changed. People started asking just how they could make sure that their ad came next. Some even wanted to get involved in the creative process and in one instance, the client actually wanted to appear in the advert themselves as a cameo.

And I said, “Why not?” And I can now call myself a commercial audio producer, which is actually kind of cool. I’m creating copy, voicing, directing and producing some ads of which I really am rather proud.

My hope is that some major company sees one and will think that the concept could work well for them and then, who knows where this can lead.

For now, you can subscribe to the Ads in the Wrong Genre YouTube Channel here or to the podcast here.