Paul J Rose – British Male Voice Over Artist

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Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Paul J Rose (the web address was a clue) and I am a British male voice artist working from the UK for clients all over the world.

Now you’re more than welcome to read all about what I can do for you, or you can just skip to the good stuff by clicking on any of these demos:

Corporate VideoExplainer or Web VideoE Learning
DubbingTelephone Systems and IVRVoice of God
DocumentariesUS Commercials Audiobooks

And if you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, please get in touch via the contact pane on the right and I’ll be more than happy to help.

What’s your voiceover project?

There are many search terms that could have lead you here. Perhaps you’re looking for a voice over for your next radio commercial or TV spot. Or maybe your new corporate video is looking for just the right voice artist to give it the professional edge that it needs.

You could be looking for someone to narrate an audiobook, or could it be that you need a “Voice of God” for your next major event?

The options certainly don’t stop there. I’ve provided character voices for cartoons, celebrity impressions for mobile phone ringtones, on hold messages for telephone systems and narrated entire eLearning programmes.

My voice over skills have been heard on amusement park rides, video games and even cuddly toys.

In my many years as a voice artist, I’ve been asked to portray everything from a king to a dustbin, and the truth is that the more bizarre the voiceover requests are, the more fun I have with them!

Can I direct the voice over live?

I have my own Pro Tools Studio and can deliver your finished audio at lightning speeds, and you’re welcome to direct the recording session live via either a phone patch, Skype, ipDTL or my dedicated ISDN line.

All of my clients will be more than happy to tell you that I am fast, flexible, great at following direction and above all, fun to work with. You’ll get a broadcast quality recording just when you need it, if not sooner!

My voice has been heard on every continent and on pretty much every media format that I can think of, and I’m excited to become part of your next project too.

You can read some lovely comments from some of my more recent clients by clicking on the Reviews tab at the top.

Of course, you’ve probably got a specific voice over project in mind, in which case, take a look at the list of pages on the right, and click on any of those links to take you directly to a relevant demo and details of what I can do for you.

I am happy to provide you with a free, no obligation audition, so if you have a script that you would like to send through, please click on the Contact page or simply use the contact info form on the right.

I look forward to speaking both with and for you soon.